Year of the Rabbit


When is Chinese New Year 2023? Sunday, January 22

Chinese New Year 2023 falls on Sunday, January 22nd, 2023, and celebrations culminate with the Lantern Festival on February 5th, 2023.

How Long is Chinese New Year? 16 Days

Celebrations last up to 16 days, but only the first 7 days are considered a public holiday (January 22nd–January 29th, 2023).

What is the 2023 Chinese Zodiac? Rabbit

Chinese New Year marks the transition between zodiac signs : 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit ; 2022 the Year of the Tiger .

8 Days
Jan 14th–21st
Little Year

Preparations for the new year begin on January 14th, 2023, and last until New Years Eve.

11 Days
January 22nd–Feb 1st
Spring Festival

Chinese New Year officially begins on January 22nd, 2023, and ends on February 1st.

4 Days
Feb 2nd–5th
Lantern Festival

Preparations begin the 2nd, and the Lantern Festival is held on February 5th.


Ancient Myths, Modern Customs


Gifts, Decor, and So Much More

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