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The Monkey is the ninth of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. Monkey, Rooster and Dog were in another country, helping a god defeat evil spirits. After, they set off to the party together. Because they arrived at the same time, the Jade Emperor went by the order they met the god in the other country. Thus, Monkey became ninth.

The Monkey is also associated with the Earthly Branch ( 地支 / dì zhī) shēn ( ), and the hours 3–5 in the afternoon. In the terms of yin and yang ( 阴阳 / yīn yáng), the Monkey is yang. In Chinese culture, peaches are symbols of longevity.

Monkeys are lighthearted pranksters who have the ability to achieve all their dreams.

Because monkeys like eating peaches, with time, they also became associated with long life.

Paired with the Celestial Stems ( 天干 / Tiān gān), there is a 60-year calendrical cycle. Although shēn is associated with fire, the years also cycle through the five elements of nature ( 五行 / wǔ xíng).

Recent years of the Monkey

Year Celestial
Zodiac Element Yin Yang
1932 guǐ shēn Monkey Water Yang

1944 jiǎ shēn Monkey Wood Yang

1956 bǐng shēn Monkey Fire Yang
1968< shēn Monkey Earth Yang
1980 gēng shēn Monkey Metal Yang
1992 rén shēn Monkey Water Yang

2004 jiǎ shēn Monkey Wood Yang
2016 bǐng shēn Monkey Fire Yang
2028 shēn Monkey Earth Yang

Personality and Characteristics

Monkeys’ most defining trait is their intelligence. As children, they win awards and the praises of teachers. As adults, they gain professional recognition and make great leaders.

Due to this, it’s understandable that they can be arrogant. They’re often disrespectful and self-centered when making decisions. Monkeys become jealous easily, especially when others are doing better than them. They are awfully competitive, which is both positive and negative.

However, they view everyone as teachers. They’re willing to listen to critique and learn from their mistakes. They are calm and logical thinkers. Monkeys are always able to triumph and be the final winner.

Elements and fortunes

Element Year Fortune
Earth 1968, 2028 These Monkeys are cheerful and optimistic. They don't have much support, but aren't afraid of difficulties. With their own efforts during their youth, they are able to become successful entrepreneurs. Thanks to this hard work early on, they enjoy a content later life.
Metal 1980, 2040 These Monkeys are bright and good public speakers. They are jokers who love pulling small pranks. This causes some to dislike them and negatively affects careers. It’s recommended for them to marry late, otherwise the marriage will fail. Other than low popularity, they are mostly successful.
Water 1932, 1992 These Monkeys are smart and like attention. They’re born leaders, but their arrogance can cause obstacles in their career. Education and higher EQ are crucial to success. They’ll also chance upon a fortune in life, but must be careful not to lose it all.
Wood 1944, 2004 These Monkeys are energetic but sometimes lack confidence. They love helping friends and need their encouragement in return. Work is stressful, but they’re able to get through it as workaholics. They are financially successful, but it often comes at the expense of their health.
Fire 1956, 2016 These Monkeys have big dreams and a business-oriented mind. They have a loving and happy family. However, they aren’t satisfied with reality and always want more adventures. They have hot tempers, but their lives are typically smooth with steady achievements.

Men born in the Monkey year are enthusiastic and responsible. They’re humorous and can make anyone laugh. They also know how to easily get what they want.

They are stubborn and a bit immature, but actually tolerant. Other zodiacs might only focus on people’s faults, but these men can look past most faults. They’re also very forgiving. Many times, they don’t even remember what happened.

However, they can be problematic too. It’s hard for them to persevere since their interests are always changing. They’re the typical opportunist and can’t maintain long-term relationships.

Women born in the Monkey year are social and connect with others easily. People are unconsciously drawn to her beauty and warm personality.

They have high standards and expectations. These women are full of ideas and highly competitive. They don’t surrender when faced with difficulties. Sympathy and comfort from others aren’t needed.

Because of their confidence, they can be overly optimistic. But they are responsible and flexible. They adapt quickly to changing environments and make new friends easily.


Most compatible with Monkey: Snake , Rat , Dragon

The relationship between Monkeys and Snakes is very extreme. They are either the most compatible or clash the strongest. They have similar personalities, but one is yin and the other is yang.

Rats are able to cheer Monkeys up when they’re feeling down. When they’re together, it’s always full of laughter.

Dragons can also bring joy to Monkeys. They’re attractive to Monkeys too as a strong competitor.

Least compatible with Monkey: Tiger , Pig

Monkeys and Tigers clash strongly. They are suspicious of each other and fight constantly.

Pigs don’t have the same life goals and interests as Monkeys. It’s difficult to communicate and relationships don’t last long.

Lucky things for Monkeys

  • Colors: white, gold, blue
  • Numbers: 1, 7, 8
  • Mineral: topaz
  • Directions of auspiciousness: northeast, east
  • Directions of wealth: northwest
  • Directions of love: west

Unlucky things

  • Colors: black, gray, dark brown
  • Numbers: 2, 5, 9

Careers Fit for Monkeys

Monkeys are never satisfied and want to try everything. This makes them suitable for challenging and risky careers. Some choices are professional athletes and stockbrokers.

They’re also cool-headed and will do well in fields that require logical thinking. Monkeys are knowledgeable in many topics and are multi-faceted. They can deal with complicated problems. Detectives, editors and lawyers are good fits.

Because Monkeys aren’t the best at sticking to one thing, it can seem like they’re irresponsible. This effects the impression they give higher ups. Therefore, being a freelancer is another option for Monkeys. They can choose many short-term jobs that fit their abilities and interests.

Health and Lifestyle

Monkeys don’t have much to worry about in regards to health.

They have some bad habits though. Their active personality makes them accident prone and can hurt themselves. It often takes their bodies a while to get accustomed to changing seasons as well. Colds and sore throats are common.

Monkeys should also take care of their mental health. They care too much about what others think and can easily become depressed. Connecting with friends and family and exercise are very beneficial!


Monkeys in the Year of the Rabbit (2023)

With two major auspicious stars in the Monkey’s quarter, 2023 ought to be wonderful and glowing, but unfortunately owing to a powerful negative celestial influence, you will have to be stay on your toes for most of the year.

Work is where this negative influence will play out for the most part. You may not feel that interested in your work, and if you meet with a setback, your instinct will be to call it quits. But please don’t do that, lest you want your colleagues to turn away and hold a grudge for your lack of efforts, Monkey!

Love will go much better in 2023, thankfully. You’ll be very magnetic, and popular with the crowd you hope to attract – whoever that may be! Married Monkeys will fall in love all over again with their partners, and want to celebrate their love each and every day. Ah, how enviable a position!

Work hard, and count your blessings, Monkey, because the year will offer some challenges, but many more gifts and opportunities, so chin up!

Love and Relationships in 2023

How wonderful your love life will be this year! With both of the auspicious aspects in this area of the Monkey’s fortune, they’ll enjoy ease and enjoyment in the love department. You’ll feel confident, glowing, and much more attractive to potential mates this year.

Single Monkeys will find that wherever they go this year, people will want to know who they are, what they’re about, and above all, if they’re single! You could wait for these interested parties to approach you, Monkey, but if you’re to strike out proactively, you’ll surely be met with reciprocation. What are you waiting for?

Married or partnered Monkeys will see their relationship heat up in 2023. No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s as if you’re seeing your partner with fresh eyes and finding them just as attractive, if not more so than when you first met! Suddenly, both of you will be more considerate, and learn to stand in the other’s shoe for a minute if any disagreement is to arise. Forgive and forget will come naturally to you this year, so your relationship and your home will be filled with love and romance this year.

Ah, to be in love! You’ll be the envy of the zodiacs this year, Monkey, in matters of the heart. Don’t waste this golden opportunity, you hear?

Career in 2023

Work challenges abound in 2023 for the Monkey. You’re usually quite resourceful and inventive in the workplace, but for some reason, you won’t feel as invested in your work projects. But that isn’t very fair for your colleagues, is it? So get yourself together, and try to find some aspect of work that draws you in, because this lag in professional energy is only temporary, unless you give up all together!

You’re usually well-liked at work because you are authentic and honest in your personal interactions. But this year you could find yourself disliked for being not entirely present. Take stock – if someone is criticizing you for a good reason, apologize and own up to your mistake or shortcoming, and try to do better. On the other hand, if someone’s only talking behind your back out of spite, just ignore them and go on with what you know you must get done.

It's important to note for both work relationships and the work that you do in general, that you may be prone to lose your patience in 2023, which won’t solve any problems, but merely add resentment and strife on top of them. You’re advised not to bring your emotions into the fold this year.

Make a plan, follow it as best you can, and avoid impulsive decisions, because your lightning-quick mind won’t exactly be your friend in 2023.

Wealth in 2023

The Monkey’s wealth will in some ways be more turbulent than their work situation. On the one hand, if they’re distracted at work, their performances and bonuses will suffer a cut in 2023. In general, the harder you work, the better a project goes, so if you’re not interested in what you do, it’s not going to go very well and it’s certainly not going to pay very well, Monkey. You’ve been warned!

But if you work harder than previous years, your income should at least hold steady, if not increase. However, you won’t have much time or interest in researching investment vehicles this year, something you used to love. That isn’t necessarily a good thing, because you’re not exactly blessed in investing this year. Just live frugally, don’t buy anything you don’t absolutely need, and in the end dunk everything into your savings account, Monkey. That’s the safest place this year, to be honest.

Education in 2023

It’s hard to say this, but younger Monkeys may have the toughest year they remember for years in 2023 at school. To start with, your usually quick mind and almost schizophrenic energy will seem to suddenly evaporate this year.

You may not be at the top of your class anymore, but rest assured that it’s only temporary! Take any scholastic setback with humbleness, and accept that you’ll have to work harder than usual. It’s only what everyone else who aren’t blessed with your intellect has always had to do, Monkey!

On the bright side, this is a great year to get in the habit of asking for help, whether from your teachers, siblings, parents or fellow students. If you ask nicely, you could wind up with better grades and even better relationships with the people who’re important to your school life.

We don’t have to excel at everything we do all on our own, young Monkey. Just remember that for 2023.

Health in 2023

In 2023, the Monkey’s health situation will be stable. The biggest drawback will come from the Monkey’s work quarter – what’s going on with that? Anyway, we suggested working hard, but that’s not to say you should carry professional pressures on your back at all hours of the day!

Make time, especially when you’re not feeling that upbeat, to get together with friends and loved ones, even if you don’t feel like it. Talking out any situation will be much healthier to you in the long-run, instead of ruminating on it alone. If you let your negative emotions build up, it could affect you a great deal as the year progresses, and even land you in the hospital for depression by year’s end. Instead, express your frustration and fears either in words, or by exercising and letting off the steam.

Please be kind to yourself, dear Monkey. Work and money, all that will come and go, but your body will stay with you for the rest of your life!

Monkeys in the Year of the Tiger (2022)

The year of 2022 will be the year of Fan Tai Sui for Monkey, so their fortunes will be turbulent all year. Just as Tiger and Monkey do not make a good couple, so in a year of Tiger, as in 2022, Monkeys may have to weather some intense storms, in which everything looks unpredictable and will test Monkey’s resilience in life.

On the other hand, years of a zodiac sign’s Fan Tai Sui are also years they should look for change, and if they play their cards right, Monkeys may not only exit the year unscathed, but may indeed find the turbulence they have had to endure were opportunities for positive change and transformation.

Remember that in years of Fan Tai Sui, start preparing early items that will bring you luck. Start by purchasing a set of red underwear to put on before the Chinese New Year that starts on February 1st and read our guide on Fan Tai Sui for a more extensive list of what to do to win favor with the powerful god of Tai Sui.

Love and Relationships in 2022

Unfortunately, love for Monkey in 2022 will be more challenging than ever before because of Tai Sui. For Monkeys in a long-term relationship or already married, you would be best prepared to deal with sudden crises this year, as the stars foretell separation and dissolution. Please do not panic, however, as those of you who have put in effort and prioritized your relationships in the past can count on that affection to stay strong despite external forces. However, if you had already had problems before, you may do best to ask yourself if this relationship is still making you happier than you would be on your own.

Singles won’t enjoy better luck either. Single Monkeys may well meet people who interest them, especially on travels or business trips to foreign countries. At the same time, these new potentials ought to be treated with caution, as sometimes a cultural or language barrier is all that it will take to create misunderstandings and conflicts. Other Monkeys may find themselves feeling hopeless, as the right words just don’t seem to come to them this year, even though Monkeys are usually so eloquent. Go with your gut instinct and authentic feelings. They are your only guarantee towards happiness in 2022.

Career in 2022

Monkeys’ career may go through a good deal of ups and downs this year, owing to the effects of Fan Tai Sui. However, the one place that may be favorable is overseas. So, if you are asked if you would be open to a rotation abroad by your superiors, jump at the chance – it’ll keep you safe from office politics at home and present better opportunities to succeed. When you return in the future, your good work in those foreign countries will surely be recognized. Even if no such opportunities are available, 2022 will be a good year for Monkeys to actively seek change to battle the adverse effects of Tai Sui. If you can’t put a stop to the storm at sea, you might as well surf on the waves and make the best of them.

Wealth in 2022

While wealth will be less than stable in 2022 for Monkeys, they can look forward to some foreign income. If opportunities to travel or go on a business trip abroad present themselves, Monkeys would be well-served to fight for them, as the outcomes will likely be in their favor. On the other hand, Monkeys will be at risk of losing a great deal of money this year, especially in investments. Do be extra careful and avoid anything highly risky, as this is not the year to cross your fingers and hope for the best. You may lose everything or even end up in jail if you are engaged in high-stakes plays. Bide your time and work hard at your job, that’s the one area you can count on in 2022.

Education in 2022

Younger Monkeys can breathe a sigh of relief, as education is the one area where they will have luck in 2022. This is the perfect year to work extra hard, as with these planetary aspects Monkeys stand to make breakthroughs in their studies or at least receive much better results for their hard work. The only note is for Monkeys to be cautious when dealing with teachers and counselors, as they can either lend a helping hand or leave you to fend for yourself. With the effects of Tai Sui in 2022, you’ll want to have the help as often as possible.

Health in 2022

Tai Sui will again cause mischief in Monkeys’ health in 2022. The seriousness of this powerful god should not be underestimated, as Monkeys have a high chance of encountering accidents or illnesses this year. Although they are blessed with luck abroad, when traveling Monkeys are advised to be extra careful with their safety and personal belongings, as theft is a very real risk. At all times, stay away from water, as that element is clashing with Monkeys in 2022 – this will be especially true for younger Monkeys, in particular children.

In addition to their physical health, Monkeys may suffer from a mental lack of harmony as well. Many will be affected by the quarrels and minor misunderstandings in their interpersonal relationships, and will suffer insomnia or depression as a result. Monkey women may be at a higher risk of endocrine disorders. Monkeys are advised to take care of themselves in a year when their fortunes do not favor them and to commit to auspicious activities we outline in Fan Tai Sui, such as wearing a pixiu ornament or creating better Feng Shui in their homes.

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