Chinese Zodiac


The Horse is the seventh of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. Horse had to pass a cemetery on his way, but he was too scared. He hesitated for the longest time because running past it with his eyes closed. After he overcame that obstacle, he went at full speed and managed to arrive seventh.

The Horse is also associated with the Earthly Branch ( 地支 / dì zhī) wǔ ( ), and the hours 11–13 at midday. In the terms of yin and yang ( 阴阳 / yīn yáng), the Horse is yang. As the head of the six domestic animals, horses are crucial in transportation and war.

Horses are free spirits who need space to be themselves.

In Chinese culture, they represent speed and freedom. Many Northern ethnicities, such as the Mongolians and Manchurians, revere and worship the horse.

Paired with the Celestial Stems ( 天干 / Tiān gān), there is a 60-year calendrical cycle. Although wǔ is associated with fire, the years also cycle through the five elements of nature ( 五行 / wǔ xíng).

Recent years of the Horse

Year Celestial Stem Earthly Branch Zodiac Element Yin Yang
1930 gēng Horse Metal Yang
1942 rén Horse Water Yang
1954 jiǎ Horse Wood Yang
1966 bǐng Horse Fire Yang
1978 Horse Earth Yang
1990 gēng Horse Metal Yang
2002 rén Horse Water Yang
2014 jiǎ Horse Wood Yang
2026 bǐng Horse Fire Yang

Personality and Characteristics

Horses are full of energy, albeit a bit too much. Both studious and athletic, they are strong believers of chasing after dreams. Rather than wealth and fame, happiness is what motivates them. They expect others to operate at the same speed as them and don’t understand why others can’t.

Contradicting characteristics come from the fact that they are ever-changing emotions. They have short tempers and become angry quickly. But once it’s over, they forget quickly. They’re biggest fault is that they’re blind to their own faults.

Elements and fortunes

Element Year Fortune
Fire 1966, 2026 These Horses are bright and energetic. As natural leaders, they are the trendsetters. With their skills and support from friends, they are able to solve any problem. However, they sometimes don’t take criticism well.
Earth 1978, 2038 These Horses are work fanatics. Optimistic and kind, they love helping others and have many friends. Although a bit impatient and make mistakes at times, they are appreciated by everyone around them. They must work hard, but will receive what they deserve.
Metal 1930, 1990 These Horses are kind and positive. They are too straightforward and blunt at times, hurting others without realizing. They place great value on love and need a partner that can tolerate their faults.
Water 1942, 2002 These Horses can be emotional and impatient, but their friends stay by their side. They are able to receive recognition from higher ups at work. They can also attract others quickly, but require time in order to develop a real relationship.
Wood 1954, 2014 These Horses are full of imagination. They look at everything from a unique perspective and always want to express their ideas. They can be emotionally sensitive, but make efficient leaders.

Men born in the Horse year are independent and crave freedom. They’re easygoing and treat everyone sincerely. Their humor and selflessness makes them popular in every group. These Horses are willing to do whatever they can to help others. This is usually a sign of maturity, but these men generally mature slower than others.

They also often overestimate themselves. Even if they know what their faults are, it’s hard for them to change.

Women born in the Horse year are beautiful and give off a refreshing aura. Sometimes they are gentle ponies, other times they can become wild stallions. Regardless, they are impressive and good at what they do. Motivation and help from others aren’t important. As long as they’re doing what they like, they will succeed.

They can be chatterboxes and have a clear division between like and dislike. However, they are usually indecisive. Rather than having a clear plan, they leave things to fate.


Most compatible with Horse: Goat , Tiger , Dog

Horse and Goat are the most compatible. They are attracted by Goat’s tenderness, while the Goat’s reliance will make a Horse feel content.

Tigers are willing to put in effort for a Horse. Their relationship is genuine and true. With a Dog, Horses will find a partner in work and life.

Least compatible with Horse: Rat , Ox , Horse

Horses and Rats have clashing personalities. They are the least compatible and their marriage will be painful.

With Oxen, there will be obstacles in communication and the relationship is cold. Horses are also incompatible with themselves. They cooperate well, but are too similar to maintain a lasting relationship outside of work.

Lucky things for Horses

  • Colors: green, red, purple
  • Numbers: 3, 4, 9
  • Mineral: crystal
  • Directions of auspiciousness: southwest, west
  • Directions of wealth: southeast
  • Directions of love: south

Unlucky things

  • Colors: gold, brown, black
  • Numbers: 6, 7, 8

Careers Fit for Horses

Rather than a simple and routine job, Horses are more suitable for technical and effective work. Some examples include journalism, sales and translating. These jobs require quick reflexes and improvisation. They must also be ready for work at all times. With these, Horses will be in their element.

Similarly, Horses would enjoy jobs that are constantly changing. This is because Horses constantly change attitudes and feelings towards certain things. They’re able to adapt to changing environments. Many times, they already have a plan when others are still trying to figure things out. This makes strong candidates as politicians and critics.

Give Horses the freedom they need. There is nothing more painful for them than doing the same thing every day.

Health and Lifestyle

Horses are always moving. Once they reach one goal, they set off to the next destination without rest.

Because of their personality, Horses often disrupt their biological clock. This can cause various problems, such as liver and kidney diseases. They should be alert if a cold leads to chest pains.

To prevent health problems, Horses must calm down their fast-paced rhythm. Do not ignore minor symptoms, as they can worsen into serious illnesses.

Overall, Horses are naturally healthy. But it can be worrisome if they force themselves on without proper rest. Pulling all-nighters is a habit and they continue working even during holidays. Horses must create and stick to a more manageable routine if they wish to maintain their health.


Horses in the Year of the Rabbit (2023)

The year of 2023 is a year of “Po Tai Sui” for the Horse, which will greatly affect their fortune. On the one hand, turbulence will be the norm rather than the exception owing to this influence, while on the other, a few auspicious aspects will favor the Horse and temper any such effects.

Specifically for the Horse’s career in 2023, this means small-minded people will try to detract from their effectiveness in the workplace, but at the same time, those who see how things really are will recognize the Horse’s hard work and award recognition where it’s due. The same would apply for the Horse’s wealth, too.

Thankfully, love will go a lot better for the Horse this year. If someone strikes your fancy, don’t hesitate, just give it a good shot! Health will most likely be stable, as long as you exercise and boost your immunity by eating sensibly. Gut health is key, as you’ll likely feel a little touchier than usual.

Not everything will be uncertain in 2023, dear Horse. But where they are, don’t panic, but just keep your nose to the grindstone, and stay hardworking self. People can’t find fault with you if there aren’t any, right?

Love and Relationships in 2023

The Horse will enjoy a fruitful 12 months in 2023 in the love department, this despite “Po Tai Sui” holding them back, thanks to the extra beneficence bestowed by “Tian De”.

It may not look like much for single Horses initially, because you won’t meet many new potential partners. But the ones you do meet are top-notch. It’s quality that counts, right? Just start slow and take your time to get to know the person you’re interested in, and evaluate whether they’re really as top-notch as they seem.

Horses who are in a relationship will do the same with their significant other in 2023, with an eye on the long-term. They may decide to let their friends meet this special someone, or even take them home to meet the parents. With everyone’s approval and blessing, it’s not impossible that some Horses could end the year with an engagement!

Those who are already married or found their life partner will plan for the future as a unit of two in a sensible and realistic manner. Consider taking a road trip or two if you can, because all work and no play wouldn’t do any favors for your romance. Nurture your love, don’t put it on the back burner!

Career in 2023

Unfortunately, the effect of “Po Tai Sui” will be most prominent for the Horse’s career sector. But don’t despair if you’re ambitious and place your value in the workplace above all – someone will recognize you for your special mix of inspiration and diligence this year, despite everything.

The main force holding you back will be jealous and small-minded people, who don’t excel and don’t want to see others, like yourself, excel. If you’ve just entered the workforce, be extra cautious of people who seem to be too helpful – they could be setting you up to fail from the get-go.

The fix for Horses of all ages and seniority will be to be extra careful, in fact. If you’ve just started your company, be extra diligence in selecting who you associate with, even which clients you add to your roster. Your young company won’t be able to withstand too many blows in 2023! But Horses who engage in creative endeavors will find their art entirely absorbing this year, and will likely garner quite a bit of attention and applause for their oeuvre.

In any case, be extra detail-oriented in 2023 by dotting your I’s and crossing your t’s, but above all, watch your back!

Wealth in 2023

Wealth goes hand in hand with career, so you should already know you’re in for a rollercoaster ride in 2023. If any of those pesky detractors catch a minor mistake of yours, you could see your income diminish in the short-term. Please be careful not to disclose any private or sensitive information if you can! That’ll do much to stop the potential drain on your money coming in.

Investment income isn’t going to paint a rosy picture either this year. Depend on your income, because while that may fluctuate at times, it’s at least dependable. The same isn’t true for your investments, you know? While Horse’s investments from previous years will stay relatively stable, they’re not advised to put more money into the market. It’ll be highly risky, and those who are at risk may even find themselves implicated in some sort of white-collar crime if they’re too trusting.

Hold onto your money, and ride out the dramatic surfs of this year with a steady heart!

Education in 2023

Younger Horses won’t have an easy time at school this year, and many subjects will become more challenging than previous years. This is a temporary development, however, so don’t lose heart! It’s just as we grow older, our education becomes less general, and we’ll find different subjects to make more sense than others. This is a good opportunity to figure out what you’re really interested in, if you’re at that age.

Students of all ages will find themselves at times alienated by others they thought were their friends. But alliances will shift quickly in 2023. However, this is also an opportunity in disguise, as Horses can take the time to see if their existing friends are where they naturally fit, or if there’s another crowd that’ll prove more expansive, and more accepting.

Don’t worry, you’re young and have all the time in the world to figure out who you are, whether that be academically or personally, so enjoy the ride!

Health in 2023

There are a couple of bad aspects in the health sector of the Horse’s chart in 2023, so it’s worth keeping an extra eye on for sure. If your insurance covers them, try to get physicals more frequently than you would usually, and outside of work, exercise more than usual to keep your immunity in good shape.

Even those without insurance are advised to go see a doctor at the first sign of trouble. Don’t think it’ll go away, so you might as well save some money. That’s not a smart idea in 2023! Small discomfort can really snowball into a serious disease if you’re not careful. Please don’t forget that this year.

Despite your busy work schedule and the minor annoyances that won’t be absent throughout the year, do what you can during office hours but then leave the office behind and try to relax. Eat well and get plenty of sleep.

Lest we’re scaring you, it’s not anything life-threatening, but you really can’t afford to be out of the game this year, so take care of yourself!

Horses in the Year of the Tiger (2022)

Entering 2022, Horses will be rid of the influence of Fan Tai Sui in 2021, so their overall fortune will be on a steady climb in this year. Many stars will bless them with stellar career achievements if they are able to harness their energy and work hard. A meteoric rise is possible if they play their cards right and recognition and public praise are more than likely.

At the same time, there will also be aspects less favorable for this zodiac sign which they will need to guard against. Most of all, Horses will be prone to even more emotional instability than previous years. They will feel suspicious of people around them, and their personal relationships can suffer damage as a result. If Horses are not careful, they could end 2022 lonely winners with no one to share the joys of their achievements with.

Love and Relationships in 2022

Horses will only have mediocre luck in love in 2022, as the stars do not bless this part of their sky. Most of their energy will be focused on work, leaving little time for romantic ventures.

For married Horses and those in a serious relationship, you can find it difficult to trust your partner this year. It’s not that anything will happen to suggest this, but you will somehow have a nagging feeling of suspicion. If in doubt, opt for trust and communication. You do not want anything to go wrong at home this year and have that disrupt your progress in the workplace. On top of that, no one will be happier for you when you achieve your professional goals than your partner. Treasure their company and support.

Single Horses are unlikely to start a relationship in 2022. Even though your overall fortune is on the climb, your love life seems the one area that is not particularly blessed. In addition, you may feel that love is too complicated and requires too much effort, and opt to focus on your career. It would not be a bad decision, as there is only so much time in a year, and it would be a terrible waste to not make the best use of all the stars in your professional favor in 2022.

Career in 2022

Horses have always been valuable in the workplace, so it’s a pity that over the past few years they have not been appreciated at work leading to them having stagnant careers with little motivation. This year, this is set to change as they will find their careers rapidly changing—most likely for the better.

Devote more time and energy to work, as this year your effort and all your previous efforts will finally be recognized and pay off. Raises are all but guaranteed, and your employers will not only appreciate your talents and contribution, but will very likely favor you with a higher position and more responsibility that will be satisfying without the extra money.

Horses who are already executives and leaders in the workplace will receive further development and may likely achieve public renown. As their careers flourish in 2022, Horses may also find themselves in the public eye and be looked up to as role models by younger people in their industry.

All Horses are advised to take action in 2022, because most likely things will take the most optimistic course this year. The only thing is to watch out for jealousy from unexpected quarters and be extra vigilant with your contracts – dot your i’s and cross your t’s before signing off on anything. You have the power to make or break something important this year and you should not use that power carelessly.

Wealth in 2022

Horses will experience a clear uptick in their wealth this year, a repayment for last year’s bad luck in this area. Horses who have worked hard over previous years will see sudden pay-offs this year, and will be able to expand their businesses and career scopes, which will lead to more money. Outside their work income, Horses will have steady fortunes as well with few troubling news. The stock market will be a good bet, although doing your research remains important. Part of your success and fortune will come from your ability to analyze and think for yourself, so do not speculate.

Education in 2022

Younger Horses will be blessed with improvement in their academic performances in 2022. Their usually impatient temperament will see a change this year, and they will feel more at ease by putting in effort. This will mean more than luck alone, as the knowledge you acquire now will serve you for many years to come.

Health in 2022

Horses will most likely be free from any major diseases in 2022, although their mood could experience some ups and downs thanks to these aspects. In particular, they may feel lonely this year, even while they are very suspicious of the people around them, adding to their emotional burden. This has always been something of a problem for Horses, but this year the problem will be exacerbated.

Learning to deal with mood swings and endowing your interpersonal relationships with more trust and ease will be a good idea, as emotional health will otherwise become a long-lasting trouble spot that Horses will have to deal with in future years. Consider practicing Tai Chi, yoga or going jogging. These types of activities can give you a more Zen-like mentality. You may well realize that all of your anxieties and suspicions never had any basis in reality after a spin around a park.

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