Chinese Zodiac


The Dragon is the fifth of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. Everyone expected the powerful Dragon to arrive early on. However, he came after Rat, Ox, Tiger and Rabbit. When asked why he was so late, Dragon said that on the way, he saw a village suffering from drought. He had to stop and create rain for them. The Jade Emperor was happy when he heard of this noble deed and gave him the fifth position.

The Dragon is also associated with the Earthly Branch ( 地支 / dì zhī) chén ( ) and the hours 7–9 in the morning. In the terms of yin and yang ( 阴阳 / yīn yáng), the Dragon is yang.

Dragons are strong and independent figures, but they yearn for support and love.

Dragons are the most revered animal in Chinese culture. They call themselves the descendants of the dragon. In the past, emperors were seen as the reincarnation of dragons.

Paired with the Celestial Stems (天干—Tiān gān), there is a 60-year calendrical cycle. Although chén is associated with earth, the years also cycle through the five elements of nature (五行—wǔ xíng).

Recent years of the Dragon

Year Celestial Stem Earthly Branch Zodiac Element Yin Yang
1928 Chén Dragon Earth Yang
1940 gēng Chén Dragon Metal Yang
1952 rén Chén Dragon Water Yang
1964 jiǎ Chén Dragon Wood Yang
1976 bǐng Chén Dragon Fire Yang
1988 Chén Dragon Earth Yang
2000 gēng Chén Dragon Metal Yang
2012 rén Chén Dragon Water Yang
2024 jiǎ Chén Dragon Wood Yang

Personality and Characteristics

Elements and fortunes

Element Year Fortune
Wood 1964, 2024 These Dragons live a quiet life with surpluses. If entrepreneurs, their businesses are successful. However, their family and friends are not as dependable.
Fire 1976, 2036 These Dragons are intelligent and social. They have a breakthrough in the middle years and enjoy prosperous later in life.
Earth 1928, 1988 These Dragons are positive and cheerful. They do not fear enemies and do not bully the weak. They surround themselves with supportive people and create loving families.
Metal 1940, 2000 These Dragons are kindhearted but speak bluntly. Talented and strategic, they enjoy success and wealth.
Water 1952, 2012 These Dragons work hard throughout life and gain reputation and fame. They sometimes overthink and worry, but will smoothly pass through the decades.

Men born in the Dragon year are steadfast in their beliefs. They will never slack off on responsibilities nor be unnecessarily suspicious. People rarely lose trust in these honest men.

They don’t waste money, but also don’t pay much attention to it. Adventurous entrepreneurs at heart, they dream of shooting to fame. Sometimes their efforts go to waste though. Still, their lives revolve around work.

These men are completely fine alone. They either marry at a young age or remain as a bachelor. For significant others, they need someone that can help and support his career.

Women born in the Dragon year are mesmerizing and strong. If you underestimate them, they will stand up and defeat you.

They are serious in what they do and have high self-esteems. The only thing they require of others is respect. Feminism and gender equality are important to them.

Many forgo marriage to focus on their career. But if they do choose to marry, they also make great wives. Often, they only go to the extremes and should take the time to consider a balanced mix.


Most compatible with Dragon: Rooster , Monkey , Rat

Dragons are most compatible with Roosters. The Rooster will look up to the Dragon and provide genuine support during hardships.

Both Monkeys and Dragons are creative and innovative. But once together, be sure the Monkey doesn’t do any small tricks.

The Rat’s humor and reliability are what attracts the stubborn Dragon. The different personalities complement each other.

Least compatible with Dragon: Dog , Rabbit , Dragon

Dragons and Dogs have clashing personalities and are least compatible. Neither trusts nor understands the other.

Rabbits have some similar interests as Dragons, but they can only tolerate each other to a certain extent.

Dragons aren’t compatible with themselves each other. Both independent and stubborn, they’ll clash and it’s hard to maintain a peaceful relationship.

Lucky things for Dragons

  • Colors: gold, silver, gray
  • Numbers: 1, 6, 7
  • Mineral: rose quartz
  • Directions of auspiciousness: southwest
  • Directions of wealth: northwest, north
  • Directions of love: west

Unlucky things

  • Colors: white
  • Numbers: 4, 9

Careers Fit for Dragons

People born in the year of the Dragon have quick paced thinking. They excel at activities that most find mentally exhausting. Because of this, they are suitable for engaging careers. Some fields include the arts, politics and education.

They might feel insecure and indecisive when working alone. Instead, they’re better able to unleash their potential in a team. Dragons are great at planning and coming up with ideas. But they need someone else to help with the miscellaneous details.

Dragons are fighters. This is the foundation for success, but can also hinder personal development. Dragons must remember to be more low-key and create lasting relationships.

Health and Lifestyle

Dragons have a healthy appearance and truly are healthy as well.

They don’t usually get sick, but when they do, it becomes very serious. This is because they are too busy with work to pay attention to their health. They might also think it’s no big deal and brush it off. Due to this, minor colds can turn into much more serious illnesses.

Areas of concern are the circulatory, urinary and digestive systems.

Most Dragons have stressful careers and are overly sensitive to small details. They can become fatigued, but also suffer from insomnia. Disturbances in social and family relations will heavily affect their mental health.

For better health, Dragons must remember to keep calm and relaxed. Don’t overthink and obsess over small problems. Instead, Dragons should take some time out for themselves. Exercise in nature will help with physical and emotional fatigue.


Dragons in the Year of the Rabbit (2023)

The year of 2023 won’t be easy for the Dragon, as it’s a year of “Fan Tai Sui” for them. While a few auspicious aspects are keeping any serious issues at bay, in particular with the help of beneficently-mind helpers, more inauspicious influences will keep the Dragon on their toes for much of the year.

The Dragon’s career, while not easy this year, at least won’t pose any significant problems. They’ll mostly excel, and when the Dragon runs into anything that can’t be solved on their own, those helpers we talked about will step in and help out. Along with this trend, the Dragon’s income will be steady if not increasing in 2023, although so will their expenses.

Love will be rather turbulent, on the other hand, for the Dragon. They’re more prone to feeling lonely, even when they’re with others or in an otherwise happy relationship. Why doesn’t the Dragon’s partner seem to understand everything they’re dealing with? Due to the same feeling of emotional isolation, single Dragons aren’t likely to enter a relationship this year.

This will be a year that tests the Dragon’s resolve and asks for a consolidation of their sense of self, which won’t be easy but will ultimately be necessary for a more glowing future!

Love and Relationships in 2023

If the Dragon is lucky, 2023 will be a boring year for their love life. If not, it’ll definitely prove a year of turbulence and possibly heartbreak. With “Gu Chen” in this sector of their fortune, the Dragon is very likely to feel lonely throughout the year, regardless of their relationship statuses.

Single Dragons will meet many setbacks, and face unfair treatment if they try to date, and may feel less than optimistic about love as the year ends. They’re encouraged to take delight in their own lives, and practice the mentality of “I am enough” on their own, before trying to enter into a partnership, because how you treat yourself is ultimately how others will treat you, and don’t think you’re an exception to that!

Those Dragons who are already partnered up would do well to pray for a year when little changes between you and your partner. You can forget about any major steps forward in 2023 – engagements and pregnancies are most definitely discouraged this year. In addition, this significant relationship in your life is most likely going to go through a series of minor trials and tribulations this year. Please think about what you can do better in your relationship first before pointing a “holier-than-thou” finger at your partner.

Not an easy year for love, so navigate with care whether you’re single or taken!

Career in 2023

The year of 2023 will see the Dragon’s career develop in a positive direction. “Yue De” will govern this aspect of their life, which will mean a great deal of help whenever they need, from superiors, colleagues and even unexpected quarters like their family or loved ones. On their own, the Dragon will feel their thoughts clear, and their efficiency on the up-and-up. In particular, Dragons in business for themselves may find their partners a great help during this year.

At the same time, the year won’t be short of challenges and frequent but thankfully never permanent setbacks for the Dragon. They’ll need to be quick on their feet and always prepare for unexpected development in the workplace – one day they could be working from the comfort of the corner office, and the next they could be sent overseas to head up the opening of a branch from scratch in a much less friendly environment. But do not fear, as we said, it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Think of any challenges as opportunities to shine, and step into the take-charge you were born with, and you’ll end the year with a serious sense of accomplishment!

Wealth in 2023

The Dragon can breathe a sigh of relief in money matters. Unlike love, this aspect of their life will see a positive – not significant but not negligible either – development. With work going well, the Dragon will see their income increase, and if you’re handed new and difficult responsibilities, you can bet you’ll be compensated for your trouble.

Investment won’t be as easy for the Dragon as their income from work, on the other hand. Please don’t put your hard-earned bucks into anything high risk, or they’ll surely not come back to you, at least not for a long time to come.

Education in 202

Dragons who are students will have a good year in school. Nothing fantastic or unexpected, mind you, but you won’t struggle to keep up at least, or find anything you’re not equal to pop up and require more hours than you’re used to put into studying.

In terms of extracurriculars, you’re encouraged to step up to the plate. You’re a born leader, and it’s never too early to start developing those take-charge instincts! Just go easy on yourself, with your aspects this year, you won’t succeed in everything on your first try, but then no one’s born a master, even you, Dragon!

Health in 2023

Health won’t be trouble free for the usually robust Dragon. They’ll likely be plagued by a generally less than stellar constitution, and feel the presence of minor problems like insomnia, indigestion, and chronic fatigue, which aren’t that minor if you think about how many hours of the day they actually take up.

As such, the Dragon is advised to keep to a regular schedule as much as possible, and practice temperance in what they eat. Rest rather than exert, no matter how urgent a work matter may seem – only your health is truly your own in the end, right?

One of the less than auspicious aspects predict minor accidents as well, so make sure anything sharp like knives or scissors are put away safely, especially if there are Dragon children in the household. Caution them to stay away from large bodies of water like the ocean or the deep end of the swimming pool. Adult Dragons will need to take special care if they drive.

Dragons in the Year of the Tiger (2022)

The overall fortune of Dragons as they enter the Year of the Tiger in 2022 is not very optimistic. Although Dragons are not Fan Tai Sui this year, there are aspects that will prevent them from receiving many blessings over all. For better luck, work extra hard this year in everything you do, because not advancing in the year of 2022 will mean a certain retreat for Dragons, which they will find unbearable.

Love and Relationships in 2022

Dragons’ love life will be less than ideal in 2022. Dragons may not find themselves very interested in love or affection from others and may fall into a state of despondency. Whether married or in a long-term relationship, Dragons are likely to feel dissatisfied in 2022 due to the neglect of their partner, which will lead to some discord at home.

Dragons are advised to lean more on their family and friends this year to improve their mood, and try not to demand a satisfaction of their every emotional need from their partner. At the same time, show that you care about your partner’s feelings, too, which is really all that is necessary for a less stormy year.

For singles, 2022 is not a great year to meet anyone new. In fact, you may end the year having met fewer people than you would usually. Even so, try not to act withdrawn or disinterested—that attitude will certainly not help your luck in romance. Just like married people, singles are advised to stay close with friends and family to help themselves stay positive and treat them with love and care as well. With others’ good will, you will find everything you do goes more smoothly, including love.

Career in 2022

Dragons’ career aspects will be mixed in 2022. Dragons in the corporate world may find themselves the recipient of many opportunities this year, although they may also have to watch out for sabotage from unexpected quarters. Whether Dragons can succeed in grasping those opportunities and ward off people with less than honorable intentions will depend on how they have treated those they work with in previous years.

Some Dragons may find themselves more interested in art and creative pursuits—in this they will have divine inspiration to create better work than ever before. Entrepreneurs will have some luck this year and find many people willing to help in 2022. Remember their generosity and pay them back with other favors in the future: karma can be everyone’s friend.

Wealth in 2022

Dragons’ fortune in wealth will be average in 2022. For most of the year, Dragons will have to work very hard for their income, with little prospect of side income or supplemental income from investment. Later on in the year, this prospect will improve, but Dragons are advised to be prudent in the year of 2022 because a rushed investment will almost certainly lead to a complete depletion of their fund. For those in sales, your luck this year will deteriorate unless you find some way to innovate. An outdated business model will never again work going forward.

Education in 2022

Dragons will find their ability and efficiency to learn greatly improved in 2022, so their academic status this year will probably not be too bad. However, some Dragons still in school may encounter isolation and exclusion from their classmates due to their bad temper, which could cause their social relationships to deteriorate. This stress outside class may prove detrimental to academic performance. To this end, Dragons should learn to be more positive about others around them. Respect and be kind to teachers and classmates and treat others with a positive energy. It will benefit their own development in the future.

Health in 2022

Dragons’ health will be unstable in 2022. Some may suffer psychological or physical trauma to varying degrees. Live with caution to guard your physical well-being. Carelessness under the celestial aspect in 2022 could lead to accidents for Dragon. There are precautions to take, such as obeying traffic laws and not driving under the influence of alcohol.

Dragons will have enough to worry about without being reckless themselves. Psychologically, to have a healthier frame of mind, Dragons are advised to learn to adjust their mentality to a more positive state without isolating themselves due to fear—that may well lead to depression if they are not careful.

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